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Sections of clear doped fabric from the lower wing of a WW1 German aircraft.

The fabric measures 61cm vertically and 67cm horizontally The fabric features the left or right horizontal arm of a cross. We can see it’s the horizontal portion due to where the rib tape goes through the cross. The cross itself measures 63cm horizontally and the length at the vertical is 56.5cm and a rough calculation of its original size would give a cross of 138cm had all the arms been present. The reverse of the fabric shows evidence of where the rib was stitched to the wing rib. We can see it’s a lower wing cross as it has no white border and its size, fabric type, condition etc suggests a match for the larger section also offered for sale.

The condition of the fabric is very good but with a little more flaking to the paint that the upper wing cross. This also has a more matt finish. The fabric is still relatively supple.

The cross sizes would fit a standard two seater of the period, such as an Albatros CV but there are numerous types it could be. Condition etc suggests a match for the smaller section also offered for sale.

On obtaining this piece, along with the larger upper wing cross and the Gotha fabric, they were rolled up and have clearly been like this for many years. Indeed a previous owner scribbled a few notes on a sheet of paper (dated March 1985), trying identify what these pieces of fabric were. He notes they were wrapped in paper sent to a family in 1940. There is no information regarding where these pieces came from but they are very much ‘out of the woodwork’ and it seems likely these were the only owners. I have unrolled the fabric and placed in a temporary lightweight frame. However it clearly needs to be professionally mounted.

Both lower and upper crosses can be purchased together at a lower price.

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