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A group of 61 photos relating to Marine Landflieger. Photos mainly seem to date from 1918 into 1919, the latter would suggest some of these photos were of a unit involved in the conflict in the Baltic. Some superb photos of aircraft and personnel; flight badges, Marine Landflieger cap tally’s, pilots in flight kit etc. Aircraft mainly 2-seaters; DFW’s, Rumplers, Albatros B’s but also a couple of very good Roland D VI’s and a Fokker EIII.

Photos of various sizes but mainly 13cm x 9cm and bigger; 14 much larger 14cm x 12.5cm. Many of the photos have names and descriptions on reverse.

Any collectors of WW1 aviation will know how rarely groups of photos or albums to Marine Landflieger come up and this selection contains a large number of such. If these photos were in an album with the same number of scenic, family, battlefield, aerial shots etc; ‘normal’ shots you find in most albums, the album would retail for near double but here you have all the good photos with just a small number of less interesting ones.

Code J1969        Price £ SOLD