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Propeller tip is 60cm long and 29cm width, with a brass framed glass aperture for 12.5x8.5cm sizedphotograph, cut through the wood. Above this is an Imperial German Naval Device on wings. Thislooks to be a period casting, probably produced by the person converting propellers into frames anddisplays. During the war, it was not uncommon for aircrew to have damaged propellers from crashesmade into frames like this, walking sticks etc. However just after WW1 with large numbers of surpluspropellers from scrapped aircraft and factories, it is not surprising that enterprising souls made use ofthese attractive wooden items to sell on to ex members of the aviation service as mementoes, or tofamilies of those fallen.

This tip, with its brass shield is a particularly attractive and large sized one. Size would suggest a two seater, perhaps a Friedrichshafen or such. The reverse has fittings for wall hanging.

Note; photo of German Naval personnel wearing Seeflieger Abteilung cap tally is an original period photo but not to this frame. Frame can be purchased without this for £20 less than listed for.

Code J1631        Price £325