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A high quality tailor made WWI U.S. Naval Officers Tunic by naval outfitters ‘Brest’.

Features two button-flap breast pockets and a five-button front; one button missing, one miss matched. Excellent condition Naval aviators shoulder straps with buttons in place as is single braid overseas stripe. Naval pilot badge affixed is a reproduction one.

Condition of the tunic is unfortunately poor, which is a shame as it was a scarce pattern of naval pilots to tunic find. Inner silk to stand-up collar has been removed, as have metal fastners and there is a fair amount of mothing to front and to lower cuffs. Lining, rear of tunic and arms (bar cuffs) are good with very
little moth.

Priced not a great deal more than the insignia would be if the tunic was stripped.

Code J1537        Price £245