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A medium size tropical tunic, this is the later pattern without pleats to the four pockets, all having flaps. Complete with its original belt hooks and inside bandage pocket. All original removable uniform pebbled buttons intact with slight oxidisation to all if these, the ‘S’ ring attachments rusty in the main.

Bevo woven gold on blue collar patches. Correct Bevo type woven blue on tan breast eagle which has been replaced (its an original and worn piece but added later); traces of previous eagle can be seen. A tropical double rank strip indicating the rank of Gefreiter to the right hand sleeve as the tunic is worn; this appears to be field applied by owner as the stitching is of far rougher style than any other item of insignia bar the sewn loops to the upper right breast for two awards, these again not done by a tailor. Fitted with a fine set of scarce removable shoulder boards with light apple green piping for Panzer grenadiers. These with little wear, a touch of mothing to top underside of one and a bit of staining where they have been against the fixing button for many years.

Maker markings hard to read but enough can be seen that it is by ‘Peek & Cloppenburg…. Belin’. Faint traces of original issue stampings to the interior of the tunic, possibly dated ‘43’ but its pretty indistinct and only the ‘4’ can be read for certain. Interior of right had cuff marked ‘10/ 26’ in white and stamped ‘L.M.’ in inside collar.

The tunic has very faint traces of large white letters PG (Prisonnier de Guerre) painted to the back panel of the tunic indicating this soldier was a prisoner of war of the French.

Condition is very good indeed with no tears or damage. A most interesting tunic to a German POW.

Note: I’m pretty sure the shoulder straps have always been with the tunic as they match in wear etc. However anyone wishing to purchase the tunic without these, can do at £200 off the listed price.

Code J3161        Price £ SOLD