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Scarce one-piece overall in camouflage material, reversible, used by the American Forces, mainly in the Pacific, but in the early stages of the Normandy campaign. The garment is generally in good condition, the camouflage is slightly faded. Some light stains to the lower leg area and one tear to the left hand knee. All closing studs present and working correctly. After the introduction into the Normandy campaign it was quickly withdrawn as American troops were being mistaken for Waffen SS soldiers.

US M1 helmet with cammo cover, unit marked. Helmet with swivel bales, fitted with its camouflage combat cover, which has pre stitch holes for additional camouflage, some other slight nicks to the material. Painted to the front and back is a red disc.The interior liner is complete but without its neck adjuster. Web straps to the helmet complete, leather straps to the inner liner complete.

WWII Pistol belt with leather colt 45 holster,colt 45 magazine pouch, medical pouch and canteen. Also gaiters. Only thing missing for complete uniform is footwear and weapon.

Code J2257        Price £985