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A superb large hardbound 38cm x 28cm Victorian/Edwardian photograph album to an officer in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Album contains 166 original photos and which belonged to Lieut,later Colonel Arthur Lional Crisp Clarke.

The majority of album contains a large number of photos covering his service in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders from 1897. A large number taken during the Boer War of his regiment, other officers, guns, cavalry, battlefields, graves of Highland Officers killed at Magersfontein and Paardeburg, Paardeburg battlefield etc.. Photos of Clarke being invalided and a series of superb photographs of his ‘heroes’ homecoming to Belgrave. Shots at his family home at Birstall Hall. Thereare some earlier photographs of his service with the British Army and later service preparing for the1901 coronation at Lambeth Palace and the 1911 Coronation in Cairo. Lots of shots of Highland Officers and men in dress uniform, pipers and a large shot of the Battalion on parade at Mayhill Barracks prior to the Boer War. There are also numerous photographs of him with his family and friends at leisure and on holiday.

Photos are mainly 12cm x 9.5cm, some bigger, some smaller and also 14 very large 28cm x 20cm photographs of groups of officers he trained with and at Hythe.

Condition: All the photographs have handwritten descriptions a list of which can be given if asked for as can more photos of the pages themselves. The album cover is missing its outer spine (but complete),so a little fragile and the pages have foxing on them although this has not affected the photographs. Quality of most photos is very sharp bar a few taken in the field that are a little blurry just because the people were moving. Also a few civilian photos on a couple of pages are quite weak. All the photographs have handwritten descriptions with locations, names etc. Most of the Boer war photographs were taken in the field.

An excellent and scarce album to a British officer re Boer War, Boer War, as an instructor and at leisure with his friends and family from 1897 through to 1911.

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