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Large selection of original pages from ‘The Illustrated London News’ and ‘The Graphic’ featuring illustrations/engravings of the Zulu War. There are 30 full pages with pictures, all pages are 27 x 39cm with a couple of large double page illustrations, others with a single or 2/3 per page. These are from different papers, earliest April, latest November 1879.

Include scenes as:
The field of Isandhlwana revisited
Scene in the new Fort Melville, Rorkes Drift
Various portraits of men killed in action and VC winners and Commanders The late Piet Uys
Zulu War graves Gingihlovo (papers spelling!)
Shelling Kraals across the Umvolosi River
Double page on death of Prince Imperial
Lancer before Ulundi
Lancers returning from burning kraals
Etc etc

Some really nice illustrations here, some pages a bit frayed at edges but pictures not effected and generally in excellent condition. Could almost have been printed yesterday – but weren’t!

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